About Me

Me sitting on a couch with my laptop

I first started learning about making websites in high school. I've been a freelancer since 2015 after spending four years working at a small web company in Massachusetts. Since then, I've been working for a rotating cast of agencies and individuals, working on things ranging from small business portfolio sites to larger, internationally known brands.

My primary interest is front-end buildouts: creating templates and turning designs to code. I'm becoming pretty partial to the static site world, but I've spent a lot of time building sites in Wordpress which is how I learned a lot of the fundamentals.

I play in this band with my pals Nick and Matt. We've made albums and toured around the country on and off since around 2010.

I'm happy to chat with anyone interested in connecting about websites, music or anything else. Feel free to email me any time. My address is in the footer of this site.