A New Website!

Redesigning this site has been on my back burner for a number of years now. I made one or two false starts but never saw it through. Well, I've finally gotten around to it, and with this new slick setup I'm hoping it will prompt me to more actively maintain and add to it.

My last site was built with Jekyll. I liked it quite well and considered using it for this one, but I ultimately decided to go with one of the other popular static site players: Eleventy.

Eleventy is buzzed about quite a bit lately and I think for good reason. Getting started with it gave me probably the least amount of fuss I've ever experienced when learning something new like this. And it's just so flexible. I love that I can switch a page's extension from .html to .njk to .md and Eleventy will still recognize it and render the page all the same. I'm really only doing the very basics with it right now, but I don't anticipate any real issues in adding complexity over time.

Some other general technology notes:

  • I'm using SCSS for nesting and imports, but for variables I'm using CSS custom properties. I may look for a more elegant solution that could allow me to scrap SCSS entirely, but for now I like it.
  • I think I'm going to add dark mode support, just working out the scheme.
  • As of now there is no Javascript on the site at all. That's definitely going to change eventually with some of the projects I have in mind, but there's nothing to warrant its inclusion so far.
  • Using Netlify for hosting as I had on the previous version. Works great.

I'm hoping to start writing blog posts a bit more than my previous pace, which was one post over the course of five years, in which I whined about email clients (notice that post hasn't been migrated). But in any case I'm glad to have revamped this site a bit and I'm looking forward to doing some more with it.